Soldiers Die Through Government's Negligence

The commander of Britain's SAS troops in Afghanistan has resigned in disgust, accusing the Government of "gross negligence" over the deaths of four of his soldiers.


At 4:14 AM, Anonymous poiuyt said...

Our soldiering heroes at the war front are only treated in this most shabby way by the governing elite because of their male gender.

Only recently was an MOD typist, on account of her broken fingernail or alleged stress, given three times the compensation offerd to a maimed and crippled soldier-man returning from the war.

So nasty are these governing elites to males and even active soldiers, that arrangements have been made by the New CSA, to dock and garnish their pay in favour of cowards and theives.

Cowards and theives represented by single mothers, harlots and divorcees. All of whom live a comfortable, profitable and work-free existence at mens expense. That is, dodging their own patriotic duties and the rigours of appropriate wartime behaviour their men themselves have to face, whilst they sit at home.


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