Government Will Not Tackle Crime Says Policeman


Government Will Not Tackle Crime Says Policeman As much as I try to remain optimistic, I fear that our society is in moral freefall and its fabric is deteriorating before our eyes. Institutions which have withstood the test of decades if not centuries have been obliterated in the last 10 years.

Left-wing governments love crime. The more of it, the better.

And this is why, for example, they allow persistent young offenders off the hook, they promote fatherlessness and family breakdown, they impoverish the prison system, they encourage excessive immigration, they burden police officers with politically-correct procedures, they maintain a hopeless war on drugs (thus also tempting so many youngsters to join the criminal fraternity) they disempower the parents and the teachers, they add fuel to the child-abuse hysteria, - and goodness knows what else.

Indeed, whenever you think about all the things that governments could do in order to reduce the crime rate, you should also ask yourself why it is that, in practice, despite all their grand rhetoric to the contrary, they seem to do the very opposite.

And the answer is quite simple. Governments benefit hugely from crime; e.g. see The Governing Elite



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