New BBC Chief Is Labour Party Man


New BBC Chief Is Labour Party Man

Sir Michael Lyons, the new chairman of the BBC Trust, has admitted that he was a member of the Labour Party until the day he was appointed to the politically sensitive post.
The former Birmingham City Council chairman, who is said to be close to Gordon Brown, had previously declined to say whether he retained his party membership during his career in public life.
Yesterday the former Labour councillor and acting chairman of the Audit Commission admitted that he had retained his political affiliation until his BBC appointment. He told the BBC’s WM West Midlands radio station: “I’m not a member of the Labour Party any more. When this job was confirmed, at that point
I resigned.” He continued: “What I have got to establish across the country, for people who don’t know me and won’t ever know me, is my impartiality and I didn’t feel it was easy to do that and remain as a member of a political party.”
Asked about his relationship with the Chancellor, for whom he recently conducted an inquiry into local government funding, Sir Michael said: “He’s asked me to do three jobs for him and I’ve done them to the best of my ability. That’s where it begins and ends.”


This is a typical scam by the government.

The new BBC chief is a Labour Party supporter. He will ensure that the BBC puts out messages that favour the Labour Party; especially at election times.

In other words, the taxpayer, through the BBC licence fee, is forced to fund left-wing propaganda from the BBC which will tilt the gullible population towards supporting the Labour Party.



At 1:53 AM, Blogger Elliott said...

BBC bias is nothing new, of course, and the medieval monopoly exercised through the licence fee is a scandal. If only it were a tax! As it is, it costs over £150m p.a. to collect, involves snooping on 3m homes and businesses each year and imposes a huge burden on the courts (licence fee cases account for roughly 10% of all prosecutions brought in a typical year). Detail, plus some examples of slanted reporting, here.

Time to turf placemen like Sir Michael out, break up the Beeb and sell off the bits.

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with elliot,why oh why does it seem impossible to get an unbiased media,it seems like everyone is in somebody elses pockets.
The BBC is totally biased ,run by women for their own ends and slants towards those who could be described in a better ,more golden
era as enemies of this country.
Break it up and let people pay for
the media they wish to receive.


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