Women's Choices Come First


Women's Choices Come First The proposal to offer women the GUARANTEED choice of birth at home with an NHS midwife by the end of 2009 is due to be spelled out today by Ivan Lewis, the health minister.

In other words, money that is needed to help people who are seriously ill is to be diverted to ensure that all women have the opportunity to give birth in their own homes.

However, notice that, ...

... Home births were at least twice as likely to result in foetal death as hospital births, even for women considered at low risk.

And so, as usual, the phrase 'in the best interests of the child' suddenly disappears from view so that women can have more choices regardless of the negative effects that these might have on children. In this case, they will more likely die or be permanently damaged.

But who cares, eh? - so long as women's whims and desires continue to be given topmost priority and funding.



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