Serious Threat To Democracy

Serious Threat To Democracy Hundreds of thousands of workers could lose their right to earn extra money working overtime after Brussels voted to scrap Britain's opt-out from the 48-hour working week. - probably only of interest to Brits.

Labour Euro MPs defied Gordon Brown and backed the move to end our special deal on the issue.

This is an absolutely outrageous state of affairs.

Basically, these almost faceless Euro-MPs are pursuing their own agenda having been elected on a Labour ticket!

Very few people know who these MPs are, and what they represent, because of the way in which elections to the European Parliament are conducted. These MPs presented themselves as Labour Party candidates, as Labour Party members and as Labour Party supporters, but now that they have been elected, they are going entirely their own way and following their own socialist agenda.

They are defying Gordon Brown, and so they have absolutely no mandate to do what they are doing.

They are, in essence, a small group of highly-paid socialists who are now wielding enormous power without being subject to any real democratic processes.


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