Blunkett Says Shoot The Prisoners

Public Sector Bonanza Gold-plated public sector pensions cost every family an average of £900 a year.

The top earners include BBC executives, members of Labour- dominated quangos and Whitehall mandarins.

Free Blair Holiday Tony Blair was accused of cheapening the office of Prime Minister and grabbing yet another freebie holiday after he embarked on a £60,000 break in Florida with one of the Bee Gees.

Mr Blair was also facing claims of a conflict of interest because Mr Gibb has been lobbying the Government to change its policy towards pop musicians.

UK's Poor Crime Record Britain spends more of its national wealth on law and order than any other industrialised country yet still has a higher crime rate than most, new figures show.

Random Killings Increase Random killings have increased by a third in just eight years.

... disaffected young men who seem to be the most common perpetrators and also the most frequent victims.

Smokers And Obese People To Be Denied Health Care The obese and smokers could be denied priority NHS treatment if they do not change their lifestyles, under plans being considered by ministers.

Maybe the NHS should also stop treating people with AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases because they engage in sex! - particularly if they engage in gay sex.

Maybe the NHS should also stop treating people who get skin cancer because of their willful exposure to the sun.

Maybe those in car accidents do not deserve NHS treatment because they chose to drive around in cars.

Where does it all stop, eh?

The War Is Lost Face it. The soldiers are being used. They are being suckered. This isn't new. It happened to my generation. Fred Reed

Liar In Chief Isolated Tony Blair is "at war" with Lord Levy, his chief fund-raiser and former close friend, over the cash for honours scandal.

It might also be remembered that Blair cheated Gordon Brown over the premiereship 'deal' that they had agreed upon and that, in fact, he also cheated his own party - and voters - by going back on everything they stood for.

Blair Interviewed By Police Tony Blair's integrity lay in ruins last night after he became the first serving Prime Minister to be interviewed by the police over a criminal matter.

Soldiers Denied Proper Support The bereaved families of troops killed in Iraq have been forced to pay hundreds of pounds to get access to the official records of their children’s deaths. These documents are freely available to the army and to the coroner, but shocked and grieving families had to find the money. Minnette Marrin

Chickens Rule A police force failed to investigate properly the violent robbery of a showjumper which led to murder because its officers were busy inquiring into stolen chickens.

The force deployed up to 40 officers, including an undercover team disguised as painters and decorators, to investigate the theft of chickens by staff from a poultry processing plant owned by a prominent businessman and former councillor,

Plum Jobs For Those Who Covered Up Iraq Truth The senior officials accused of covering up No10's manipulation of the intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have gone on to be rewarded with some of the most glamorous jobs in the public sector.

Cameron Takes Cash For Access Tory leader David Cameron is at the centre of a damaging "cash-for-access" row over £50,000 invitations to businessmen to meet him in his House of Commons offices.

MPs Like Cricket A group of 14 MPs and peers are paying £3,000 a head for a 22-day package tour to the Ashes - half the price paid by some England cricket fans for similar trips.

Crooked Cabinet Minister Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, was facing an official inquiry into allegations of cronyism last night after she packed a key lottery quango with Labour supporters.

Ah yes. Tessa Jowell - the cabinet minister who still claims that she knew nothing about her husband's underhand dealings with Berlusconi and who is now facing trial.

Cricket Ball = Weapon “There was a policewoman on the step below me and she was staring at the ball all the way up. As we got to the top she tapped me on the shoulder and said she wanted a word.”

Child Protection Hokum To go anywhere near a child now, adults require a Criminal Records Bureau certificate and various other certificates showing that they have been on the requisite child protection courses. Josie Appleton

Christmas Parties Being Scuppered Office Christmas parties face the axe after the Government's industrial relations watchdog warned bosses they face being sued for a raft of "politically correct" misdemeanours.

This is yet another example of governments trying to interfere with the development and maintenance of close relationships; in this case, among colleagues at work.

Fostering Dependency More than five million Britons now rely on state aid to live and the number of younger people claiming sickness benefit is higher than anywhere else in the industrialised world.

The UK has the highest penalties for increasing income or increasing hours worked – the poverty trap – of any developed country.

Left-wing governments love the poverty trap. They get power over those on welfare and they can also justify more taxes and, hence, more jobs for their own employees - over whom they have control!

It's win-win.

Whitehall Pensions "At a time when ordinary workers are facing a squeeze on their occupational pensions, the highest civil servants are awarding themselves gold-plated pension deals and massive salaries."

Labour Councils Cream Off Funds Police have launched a new investigation into Labour sleaze after a whistleblower revealed the party is creaming off at least £2m a year of taxpayers' money directly into party coffers.

Health Secretary Funds Her Own Voters The Health Secretary provoked outcry as she admitted health spending is higher in Labour seats than Tory constituencies.

Government Taxes Destroy Economic Growth
Britain's economy could be twice as large as it is today if public spending had been kept down at 1960s levels, according to new research.

Ministers Try To Block Police Inquiry Downing Street has declared war on the police over the cash-for-peerages scandal by accusing them of deliberately setting out to prove Tony Blair and his advisers are corrupt.

MPs Use Colour Codes To Hide The Truth Ministers have introduced a sinister 'traffic-light' system to prevent Parliament discovering the truth about Government scandals, it has been revealed.

Iraq Intelligence Was Manipulated A high ranking British diplomat told MPs the intelligence presented to the public about weapons of mass destruction was "manipulated".

Top Civil Servants Pensions Worth 1.7 Million Top civil servants are entitled to an average pension pot of £1.7 million, giving them a guaranteed annual index-linked income of £75,000 a year

1.4 Million For Civil Servant The civil servant whose climate change report is expected to lead to a huge increase in green taxes will enjoy a taxpayer funded pension worth nearly £1.4million.

UK Government Tries To Prevent Whistle-Blowing A new Official Secrets Act to stop whistle-blowers is to be included in the Queen's Speech.

What has the government got to hide, eh?

The truth, of course, is that politicians and government officials want to cover up their lies, their incompetence and their corruption.

In my view, we really must oppose all government attempts to block the spread of information about its various doings - except under extreme circumstances. Western governments are far too powerful to allow them to have too much in the way of secrecy.

Great Pay Rise For Government Fat Cats Britain's richest public servants received pay rises of twice the national average this year – with three of them paid more than £1 million and 14 receiving over £500,000, according to the first ever Public Sector Rich List.

Throw The Rascals Out Both Republicans and Democrats are steeped in Washington’s endemic corruption and influence peddling due to the constant need to raise campaign funds by kow-towing to special interests. Eric Margolis - a Republican!

Council Worker Paid £91,000 To Fix Lights A council today refused to comment on reports that one of its workers is being paid an annual wage of £91,000 despite having been off sick for a year.

Inquiry Into Blair And Iraq Defeated Tony Blair saw off a cross-party attempt to force him into an inquiry over his conduct over the war in Iraq and its aftermath last night as Labour’s majority was cut to 25.

The Labour rebellion was smaller than that in previous Iraq debates because many MPs could not bring themselves to support the nationalists, with Scottish and Welsh elections looming.

Yes indeed. The party comes first. Not the country. And most certainly not the deaths and maiming of thousands of people.

These Labour politicians certainly know who to suck up to in the party in order to keep those goodies rolling in.

Doctors Breaking Their Oaths Doctors in the UK, prompted by policy changes by government, are increasingly refusing to treat patients because they smoke, drink or weigh too much. Who the hell do they think they are? Rob Lyons

MPs Perks MPs got paid an average of £204,000 in pay and perks last year according to shocking new figures that reveal they earn more than £124 an hour.

Lazy Medical Staff Kill Patients
Doctors and nurses who fail to wash their hands cause as much damage as drink drivers.

Expensive Shower
A chief constable spent £28,400 of taxpayers' money revamping an en-suite shower for her office.

Judge Blackmail Cleaner Jailed
A cleaner who blackmailed a female judge and stole sex videos from a male judge has been jailed for 33 months.

The Old Bailey heard Driza had begun an affair with Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan after being sacked by Miss J.

Neither judge will sit while the Department for Constitutional Affairs investigates their conduct.

Both Miss J, who has been on sick leave with stress for 18 months, and Mr Khan, who sits as a Recorder, will remain on full pay. Neither has been suspended.

18 months on full pay, eh?

How nice.

Shoot The Prisoners
David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, told the head of the Prison Service to "machine-gun" rioting inmates to regain control of a jail four years ago.

Cherie Blair Makes More Money
Cherie Blair has embarked on another money-spinning lecture tour of America from which she stands to make up to £60,000.

Elderly Only Allowed 15 Minutes
Social workers have set a 15-minute limit on the amount of home help they will allow frail and vulnerable elderly people, a shocking watchdog report revealed.

MPs Hide Their Expense Claims
The House of Commons has refused to give details of how much each MP claims in travel expenses despite two recent rulings from the Freedom of Information watchdog ordering politicians to open their books.

Greedy Government
Council roadworkers who paint white lines on streets are earning up to an astonishing £53,000 a year.

Soldiers Denied Proper Treatment
Military doctors have told The Daily Telegraph of the "absolute scandal" of soldiers having to wait for treatment while a fully equipped military hospital lies virtually empty.

No Concern For UK Soldiers
Soldiers on operations say they would rather receive a more serious injury and go to the top American military hospital in Ramstein, Germany, than end up in a NHS hospital.