The EU Farewell Package Hits the Jackpot

by Peter Oborne (Link)

In the real world inhabited by ordinary voters and taxpayers, severance payments are made only to employees who are sacked or laid off unfairly or against their will.

However, in the world of EU politics, the compensation system works very differently.

Take the case of Peter Mandelson, who quit as European Commissioner at a moment's notice to take a well-paid job in the British Cabinet.

Far from losing out financially, his reward is a farewell package worth approximately £1million. I have discovered that his successor, Baroness Ashton, whose tenure will be for less than a year, is set to benefit financially in even more spectacular fashion.

She will be paid almost £200,000. After she leaves her post, she will be entitled to a further £250,000 of so-called 'transitional payments' spread over three years.

Her single year of service will also furnish her with an annual pension of approximately £8,000 a year - that's more than twice what a British pensioner gets from the state after working all their life.

Taking into account other freebies, Baroness Ashton (the former leader of the House of Lords) has hit the jackpot with a total package worth the best part of three-quarters of a million pounds.


Not bad for a year's 'work'!

More Of Blair's Lies Exposed

But for the collapse of the financial markets, last week's devastating revelation that Tony Blair lied to Parliament at the height of the Ecclestone affair would have had a far more deadly impact. Peter Oborne

Now I can provide compelling evidence that the former prime minister lied to Parliament over an infinitely more serious matter - the extent of British government knowledge of what was happening in the Iraqi prison, Abu Ghraib.

Council Chief Retains £116,000 Salary for Four Day Week

A council chief executive is to retain his £116,000 salary despite cutting down to a four-day week so he can "indulge" his passion for music.

Pensioner Ordered to Stop Mowing Grass

A pensioner has been ordered by his council to stop mowing the grass outside his home because it makes the road look too tidy.

This is an example of the appalling extent to which government workers seek to justify their own jobs - jobs which, in this case, they do not appear to be doing.