Arrested For Having Racist Doll

Make no mistake about it: Harassing the natives in order to crush them mentally and destroy any ideas they might harbor about defending their country against foreign colonization is a deliberate strategy on the part of the authorities. Ffordman


Corrupt Politicians, Police Officers and Lawyers


What Vaz, Mireskandari and Dizaei all have in common is a shameless, ruthless ability to squeal 'racism' at every opportunity. And such is the cowardice of the New Labour Establishment that they get away with it time and again. Richard Littlejohn - probably only of interest to Brits.


Overpaid Police Officers

Emails circulated to officers at Thames Valley Police offered "premium rates" of pay to those "with a raging credit card habit".

... volunteers were told that shifts, believed to be paid at £300 each, would give them time to "read a good book, take up botany or ornithology, study for your sergeant’s exam (or) work out the compound interest on a rest day’s pay"

Brits might also like to note that it costs around £200 per household per year just to pay for the various benefits of retired police officers.

England Most Crowded Country In Europe

England has become the most crowded major country in Europe, official figures show.

Commander Ali Dizaei Exposed

Each time a charge of racism against the Met has hit the headlines, the sanctimonious bleating of Commander Ali Dizaei, the Iranian born president of the National Black Police Association, has never been far behind. Amanda Platell

He is a womanising bully who is on record as having threatened to kill one lover. He has written a poisonous book about his colleagues. He has stood trial at the Old Bailey accused of expenses fraud and perverting the course of justice. Oh, and he is under investigation over alleged misuse of his Scotland Yard credit card.

NICE Spends More On Spin Than On Treatment Tests

The health rationing watchdog has come under attack for spending more money on spin than on evaluating drugs which could save patients' lives.

Shadow Health Minister Mark Simmonds, who uncovered the budget breakdown tucked away in NICE's annual report, said: 'These figures typify New Labour's approach to Britain's health service.

Man Left To Die By NHS - which caused his cancer in the first place

A cancer sufferer whose disease was linked to an NHS blood transfusion has been told the health service will not pay for his treatment.